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Project Assistant

Journey On Air is recruiting Project Assistant (Part-time/Full-time)

Initiated in 2017, Journey On Air is an online publication with highly informative, upbeat and inspirational articles of Vietnam’s nature culture and people for those who love to travel. Our mission is to bring the true images, the lively videos and the most complete information about the destination, culture and people of Vietnam.


1. Job description

  • Write articles review about tourist destination, resort, hotel, entertainment attractions
  • Cooperate with the client (resort, hotel…) to operate advertising activities, manage the project to ensure the project is on schedule
  • Participate in organizing event/workshop to expand partnership & network

2. Job Requirement

  • English proficiency is required, especially in writing (IELTS above 7.0 or equivalent)
  • Priority with whom has 06 months – 1 year Marketing experience in the past (including part-time / full-time)
  • Passionate about traveling and tourism.
  • Experience in event organization and coordination
  • Sociable communication with colleagues, able to teamwork effectively
  • Spirit to learn new knowledge without hesitation.

3. Benefits

  • Year-end bonus according to the company’s revenue and profit 
  • Clear at personal and career growth as well as distinct KPIs
  • Young and flexible working environment, no uniform required, party/birthday every month, company trip every quarter
  • Be guided and trained to improve qualifications, provided Digital Marketing tools and necessary resources for the tourism industry and international markets (US, UK, AU…)
  • Experience in the international market to prepare background knowledge of industry, hence develop a long-term career. 

4. Application

  • Interested candidates should share an updated CV and Portfolio (if any) to email:
  • Email title: [JOA 1222] Project Assistant – Name – Recruitment Source (Website/ Ybox/ Linkedln..)
  • Location: 132 Quan Thanh Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Work hour: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday (1.5h lunch break)
  • Work at least 20 hours/week with Part-time 
  • Deadline: Priority is given to candidates who send email earlier.
Asia Lion
Asia Lion

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